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Everyone in society bears individual responsibilities, and their type and scope of responsibilities vary based upon their roles.The social responsibility of entrepreneurs is much greater than those of ordinary people. If we define the responsibility of helping the company embark a path of  sound and sustainable development and giving employees a life of wealth and happiness as “small-scale responsibilities”, then creating wealth for the country, upholding the circular economy, and maintaining the sustainable development of human society is our 'large-scale' responsibility.Any entrepreneur, whether of a state-owned or private enterprise, bears both of these types of social responsibilities.

Chairman:Li Chunbo

Chairman's introduction

Chairman Li Chunbo was born in Xinchang County of Zhejiang Province, and holds a dual bachelor's degree. He is a professor-level senior engineer, senior accountant, and a member of the Communist Party of China, and has been successively elected as a representative to the People's Congresses at the the county, city and provincial level.In 2008, Li was named an “Outstanding Contributor to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Thirty Years of China's Reform and Opening-up” and to the “Top 10 Men of the Year in Zhejiang’s  2007-2008 Private Sector”. In 2009, he was named a “Model Laborer of Zhejiang Province”, listed in the “60 Years of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 60 People”, and won China’s “Corporate Leadership Award for Listed Companies”. In 2011, he was awarded the “Zhejiang Individual Charity Award ” and “Bright Star Award” by the Zhejiang Province People's Government. 

In 2012, he was awarded the “Gold Bull Leadership Award”, was named an “Excellent Entrepreneur in China’s Environmental Protection Industry”, was granted the “2012 Zhejiang Economic Person of the Year Award”, was named a “Zhejiang Management Master”, and received other honors. In 2015, he was awarded the “2015 Outstanding Zhejiang Merchant Award”.Chairman Li currently serves as a member of Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee under Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), the executive director of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), the vice chairman of the Zhejiang Charity Federation Council, the vice president of the Zhejiang Enterprise Federation, and the vice president of the Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association.

Chairman's wonderful quotation

For the country, it is necessary to build a harmonious society; for enterprises, it is also necessary to create a harmonious business, and this should be fully reflected in both material and spiritual aspects. To only emphasize a single aspect is excessively biased.
Any enterprise without culture or with a low level of culture is a stupid enterprise. Such an enterprise will have no innovation or technological progress, and will eventually be eliminated by society.
A businessperson must become used to loneliness and resist temptations. Quantitative changes will always lead to qualitative changes over time.
If an enterprise is a tree, then talent is its root. When the roots are strong, it will be recognized by the industry and the market, and you become the industry standard. You then acquire pricing power, and wealth comes with it.
I don’t have much experience in doing business. I’ve just stick at it for 20 years.
We make money through our labor. 100% of the company's profits come from its main business. Zhejiang Medicine develops and expands based on its main business; we therefore produce nothing but medicine. If the company becomes engaged in other, unfamiliar industries, this is not a process of transformation and upgrading, but of speculation.
As a pharmaceutical company, we must not only produce high-quality and high-tech medicines, but must also provide consumers with high-quality and health-enhancing services, contribute to the scientific and sustainable development of the industry through our own efforts, and maintain harmonious coexistence between enterprises and the natural environment through processes of eco-friendly production.
Waste is just a useful thing that has been misplaced. Before developing the circular economy, we must resolve the ideological and conceptual problems before resolving them. That is, all waste materials, wastewater, intermediates, and by-products can be considered to be resources. As long as we are willing to invest in technical innovation and use it to make breakthroughs, we can turn waste into wealth. The company must develop new products through innovative ideas, just as in the circular economy.
Pharmaceutical companies are part of an industry that is both traditional and high-tech. To achieve long-term development, pharmaceutical companies must distinguish and transform themselves, including through the conversion of raw materials to preparations, transitions from imitative to indigenous innovation, and transitions from domestic to international markets, so as to improve the core competitiveness of Chinese pharmaceutical industry in both the domestic and international market.
The “philosopher’s stone” of any enterprise is innovation. If you do not innovate, you must always chased after the innovations of others, and you will die if you fail to keep up with them. However, innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is by no means easy. Sometimes it takes ten or even twenty years to develop a new drug; companies should therefore get used to long, lonely efforts. Many companies develop new drugs for decades, then give up just when they are about to produce results, and this is a terrible pity.